Fail a database over to a mirror server in the event of a DR Test

This guide was created with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in mind, but should work for any version of SQL Server. It assumes the databases are in a synchronous mirroring configuration.

In this guide the database is called Database9.

1. Log on to Server01. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to Database instance.

2. Execute the following command against the master Database


3. Right-click on the database and select Refresh, you should be able to see that Database9 is now the mirror

As well as being critical in performing a DR Test this can also be used to apply Windows Updates or a patch to 2 servers that are in Principle / Mirror configuration. The steps would be:

1. Apply updates to Mirror server and reboot.

2. Once server is back online and you can be sure is running normally, apply steps above to fail database over to mirror.

3. Apply updates to Principle server (now acting as the mirror) and reboot.

4. Check server is running OK, then fail database back over to the original Principle server.

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