Using Robocopy to manually manage backups

This guide was created for a call logging system which generated thousands of audio files every day. It ran on an old Windows XP PC and all of the files were saved to a local disk. There was a manual copy process in place to archive all files older than 3 months to a NAS box, but I found a Robocopy batch job to be far more efficient (as WIndows Explorer crashes when dealing with thousands of files). In the future I would like to fully automate the script, so that the month values don’t need to be amended.

The audio files were stored under folder D:\Temp\recordings\, the NAS box has IP First of all move all files to be backed up into their own folder:

1. Navigate to D:\Temp\recordings with a command prompt.

2. Run MKDIR 01-Jan (or whatever the month you need to archive is).

Then use ROBOCOPY to move the required files into the folder created:

3. ROBOCOPY “D:\Temp\recordings” “D:\Temp\recordings\01-Jan” /MOV /MINAGE:91 /MAXAGE:125 

(you will have to work out how many days have elapsed since the month you are archiving has passed).

Finally archive the files off to the NAS box:

4. ROBOCOPY “D:\Temp\recordings\01-Jan” “\\\Archive\01-Jan” /MOV


You can find more information at technet or by running Robocopy /?

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